We have high academic and behavioral expectations for all of our students and provide an extended school day that begins at 7:30 am and ends later in the day.  More time at school means more time to learn!

A typical school day for Freedom Prep students looks a bit like this:

Morning Greeting
A member of our faculty greets all Freedom Prep students individually every morning with a firm handshake and asks if the student is ready to start the day.

Homework Check
Freedom Preparatory Academy takes homework seriously. It is the school’s policy to assign homework every night, including weekends. The purpose of the homework is to reinforce the skills taught in class.

All of our students receive breakfast every morning to prepare themselves for the day.

With a special focus on literacy and math/science from elementary through high school, Freedom Prep students receive more than seven hours of teacher-led instruction throughout the school day with additional time reserved for self-guided reading.

All of our students receive a choice lunch every day

Afternoon Enrichment/Extra Curricular Activity
Depending on grade level and student performance, Freedom Prep students can select to participate in a variety of afterschool athletics, instructor-led activities, academic and special interest clubs.

Freedom Prep follows a very structured dismissal procedure that allows for safety, discipline and positive reinforcement as each student exits the building.


The relationship among Freedom Prep teachers, leadership, students and families is at the very core of our organization.  We welcome family involvement and encourage families to participate in their child’s learning through Parent/Teacher Conferences, Open Houses and Family Nights.

For Parents/Guardians that would like to become even more involved with their student and community’s success, we encourage them to join our parent/teacher organizations at any of our campus locations or to participate with any of our partner organizations, such as Black Alliance for Education Options or STAND.