The mission of Freedom Preparatory Academy is to prepare students grades K-12 to excel in college and in life. Thus, our academic program focuses on affording students numerous experiences that demand a collegiate level of excellence.

We have high academic and behavioral expectations for all of our students and provide an extended school day that begins at 7:30 am and ends at 5:00 pm.  Our school calendar includes 191-days to ensure that our students meet or exceed these expectations.  Additionally, we assign homework in each of our courses every night and require students to attend after school tutoring, intervention and homework support.

Our academic program consists of six core subjects and additional enrichment courses.


The curriculum at Freedom Prep is driven by clear performance standards for what students should know and be able to do. For each grade level, standards are based on national and state curriculum frameworks. Teachers will use regular assessments to measure how well students are mastering the standards.


We use knowledge about student skills to shape whole class instruction, small group work and tutoring. Using individual student data, instruction can be targeted to better meet individual student needs. Teachers do not simply work to get through a textbook; rather, they assess student skills and deficiencies needed to target instruction appropriately.


ASD Student Assessment Information


Teachers will give students and parents/guardians ongoing feedback about student performance.  Teachers will often send work home for parents/guardians to sign, and teachers will contact parents/guardians if they see a significant slip in academic performance or a special skill that needs extra practice at school and home. Grade reports go out weekly and progress reports go out at the midpoint of each quarter. Parents/guardians may also get informal feedback about student performance throughout the year.

Emphasis on College

Every aspect of FPA’s curriculum and culture are mission aligned – focused on college readiness.  From the very first day of school continuing throughout the year for every grade, each student is prepared for the academic demands of college entrance exams, the admissions process, as well, as college.